The B.E.S.T.



. Network Performing Arts For People With Disabilities

Our programs were started because of the dreams of a daughter to be a performer and the determination of a mother to help her daughter realize her dreams.  Audrey's dream was to be on stage as a dancer and singer, and then to expand her talents by becoming a performing arts teacher.  In 2002 there were no inclusive performing arts programs in the area, so Marlene and Audrey started their own inclusive programs and invited some of Audrey's friends to join them.  They began seeking out venues in which they could perform.  They have performed for over half a million people since that time at business meetings, conferences and conventions, school assemblies. 

We are here and we belong, for every soul has worth and a purpose here on earth ~


Beyond the Evening Star Theater

"Where every star shines bright"

​Performing Arts Program for People with and without Disabilities


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